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Ready to Nail Your Brand showstopper?

Pass the Salt is a branding studio devoted to shaking up brand strategy, design and creative direction for entrepreneurial dreamers, doers and shakers who smirk at rules and high-five at the adventure of exploration.

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Brand Strategy

Creatively aligned brand strategy that puts the spotlight solidly on your biz, uncovering what makes your business unique, so you can outshine and outperform your way to real results.


Creative Direction 

Creatively aligned branding direction that blends the outside (visuals and voice) with the inside (personality, psychology and creative expression).


Identity Design

Outfitting you with choreographed creative tools needed to consistently surprise and delight your dream audience, so that you can own your wild. 


I’m Elise,
your brand choreographer

So thrilled that you're here! I'm the creative visionary and explorative brand problem-solver behind Pass the Salt, a brand strategy, design and creative direction studio with wild roots in performance, storytelling and dramatic style. 

I strategically unveil what makes a business unique, who it exists to serve and curate visual brands forged with clarity, purpose and personality. Fascinated by personalities, metaphors and mysteries, my design style mirrors this; revealing the heart of your business in a way that's creative, conceptual and timeless... sans superficial and fleeting trends. 

My mission is outfitting you with the creative tools needed to consistently surprise and delight your dream audience.


Elise is an incredibly talented branding expert. She has been integral in

Bringing my business to life.

- Cathy Coates, Fairfield Paediatrics


signature Package

This is your performance - and it’s time for you to step into the limelight! Our branding experience is all about taking you on an enthralling journey of discovery to reveal your hidden desires and goals for your business. Then curating an aligned brand identity that's all your own. 

Unveil your script

Brand Strategy

Uncover your unique brand personality, values and purpose with a script to set the scene for creating your showstopping visual identity.

Brand Identity

Captivate your audience

Captivate your dream audience with a showstopping visual brand design, aligning strategic thinking with visual appeal. Showcasing your brand’s values & distinct personality for your big reveal.

Musings from the


Creative reflections, insights, tips and tools to help you grow, find your groove and show up as your sparkly selves. 

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As transformation architects for people in business, Cross Check Australasia is unlocking human potential. 

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Uncover the core motive that sets your brand apart and stride into the market with unshakeable confidence. Ready to embark on a new adventure? 

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