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This is your brand performance – and it’s time for you to step out into the limelight!

Allow me to set the scene: Here at Pass the Salt Studio, we're all about taking you on a journey of discovery to reveal your hidden desires and business goals. We want to help you thrive by unveiling your vision and building your confidence, so that you can embrace that special something that sets you apart and step out into the spotlight as the true showstopper you are. 

Our mission? Outfitting you with the creative tools needed to consistently surprise and delight your dream audience.

You're made for the lime-light.

real results

If you want work that isn’t just beautiful, but carefully crafted to (seriously) take your brand to the next level, Pass the Salt is a no-brainer. Thank you, Elise, for your professionalism, undeniable talent, and your passion for what you do. YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION.

- Shanley, Stylist & Coach


What a unique & exciting experience! Elise's work is extraordinary – inspiring me to really shake things up!”

Elise is truly one of the best boutique branding specialists out there. Her brand assets are so easy to apply to UI/UX.”

Pass the Salt Studio has now helped me with multiple projects, from a startup brand, to a brand refresh for my website business, Wow Ventures. What I love about working with Pass the Salt is a combination of in-depth brand strategy and of course the beautiful visuals that come at the end of the process. 

- James, web & app developer


Elise is AMAZING! She has an incredible process that really seeks to understand her client and their business.”

This resulted in a truly bespoke and beautiful identity that really spoke to my ideal customer. Elise was incredible at explaining concepts that I had no idea about to ensure I really understood the different elements and concepts behind my brand identity. The end product was perfect and made the rest of my business setup, like website and documentation creation so much easier. 

- Devan, Financial Advisor

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Light up your business presence and showcase your brand identity with creative guidance and customised graphics and marketing collateral.

Creative Consulting

Create my brand →

Following on from the Brand Strategy. Captivate your dream audience with a show-stopping identity design, aligning visual appeal with strategic thinking.

Brand Design

I need strategy →

A guided process of uncovering what makes your business unique, capturing your business essence and checking alignment with your current presence. 

Brand Strategy

Ways to work together

Brand Strategy

It's time to peek behind the curtain, unveil what makes your business unique and choreograph a magnetic Brand Strategy.  

Let's get storyboarding! 

Not to be missed. This phase is all about discovery, character development & plot. 

As the star of the show, we'll endeavour to define your aspirational and bigger picture vision, capturing your brand personality, values and purpose. Your brand story, the unique elements that set your business apart and your dream audience all play a key role in creating a deeply  layered brand strategy. Choreographed just for you, so that you can become a magnet for your dream clients.

What's next →

Act One:

Identity Design

Cue the applause! This stage is where we anchor creative vision and strategy to create a memorable first impression.

Captivate your dream audience with a showstopping visual brand identity, designed to align visual appeal with strategic thinking. Your brand identity includes the visual elements of your brand, like the logo, colour palette and graphic style. Essentially, it’s a meaningful expression of your brand that drives competitive differentiation and internal alignment.


Your story in true colour

The creation of your stage production &  dressing your performance for centre stage.

Act two:


signature Package

This is your performance - and it’s time for you to step into the limelight! Our branding experience is all about taking you on an enthralling journey of discovery to reveal your hidden desires and goals for your business. Then curating an aligned brand identity that's all your own. 

Our Inspiration:

- Oscar Wilde -

“Be yourself.
Everyone else is already taken.”

I can't tell you what a difference professional branding has made to my confidence, from pulling together my website, to my social media content. I even used it to guide my photo shoot. You're such a professional and such a pleasure to work with. What a gift! 

Rave reviews

real results

Ciaran launched a fresh brand & scaled business

“A great brand is the shoulders you stand on to get above the noise.”

Pass the Salt creates the perfect representation of your business to connect with the customers you want. Elise is instrumental to Pacer Solutions and our brand expression. Through Elise’s creativity and dedication we have a collection of resources that enable us to stand out from the crowd. The best thing we did was to trust, through it we got a masterpiece.

- Ciaran

Pacer Solutions

Elise launched her new biz in Melbourne

“I truly couldn't have asked for more from the entire experience. Elise really is a MASTER!”

Elise listened to my ideas and really got to know me and my business vision. Guiding me through the process, Elise brought everything to life better than I could have imagined. I have so many helpful resources. So grateful for Elise and her care and attention! 

- Elise

Helping Hearts Psychology

Shanley emerged with renewed confidence

“Just want to say thank you again for my beautiful branding, you are CRAZZZZY-talented-amazing!”

- Shanley

Style Worthy Coaching

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break a leg?

Finish your drink, then join me on centre stage where I'll show you how Pass the Salt can empower you to perform at your best.

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