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Showstopper Branding for Movers & Shakers

This is your brand performance – and it’s time for you to step out into the limelight!

Allow me to set the scene: Here at Pass the Salt Studio, we're all about taking you on a journey of discovery to reveal your hidden desires and business goals. We want to help you thrive by unveiling your vision and building your confidence, so that you can embrace that special something that sets you apart and step out into the spotlight as the true showstopper you are. 

Our mission? Outfitting you with the creative tools needed to consistently surprise and delight your dream audience.

You're made for the lime-light.

What they say

"I'm so in love with the brand strategy work Elise did for me! I am OVER THE MOON!"

It really felt like Elise got EXACTLY what the core of my brand was, and presented it in a concise, strong and cohesive way. I'm so glad I engaged with her to bring my new website to life - I feel like I've learned so much and am much clearer on my vision! Thank you Elise, you're a superstar!!

- Danee, makeup artist


"We cannot thank Elise enough for EVERYTHING she has done for our team at Mahana Culture."

We are so pleased with what's been created. We feel really proud and on board with this new look and feel for our business. Elise has given us such a gift, in helping us see how we communicate with our audience in a whole new way. Her collaborative approach, and encouraging and gentle guidance has enabled this. It was a pleasure working with Pass the Salt on this project.

- Tavale Ilalio, founder


Brand Strategy

Uncovering your unique brand personality, mission & values.


Let's position your business for maximum impact & alignment. 

Identity Design

Curation of a unique brand identity & graphic assets.

The Showstopper



Ready to put on your show-stopper? It’s wonderful to have you here! We’ll start our journey of discovery with a virtual coffee where we get to know each other better. I’ll learn more about your dreams and aspirations for your business, and you’ll get a chance to explore my process and approach. After this session, if we decide we’re a good match, I’ll send through a custom project proposal, contract and invoice so we can get you booked in!

Brand Discovery

Feeling starry-eyed? Brilliant, we’re a match made for the limelight! Once your contract is signed and the deposit is paid, it’s time to get deep. I’ll shoot through a discovery questionnaire and brand archetype exercise for you to complete. Let’s get those initial ideas out of your head and into reality so that we’re starting on the same page. During our kick-off workshop, you'll get the opportunity to go through any sticking points that come up.

It's Showtime!

With your brand strategy and visual identity in tow, your stage production is ready for your curtain call! As our project is wrapping up, we’ll catch up to discuss what's next. Whether that means moving onto your website, marketing collateral, signage or other creative support your business needs. Meanwhile, backstage, I’ll create all of your final files and a Brand Guide to keep your brand performance on vision. Your showstopper's ready to perform on the main stage with a clear identity created to attract your dream clients!

Identity Design

Once we have your approved brand strategy in hand, we'll use this as our launch pad to start working on your brand concept development and creative visual elements. We’ll start by carefully developing strategic logo concepts aligned with your vision, presenting two to three show-stopping concepts in black and white. Next, you'll select a single concept to refine  that resonates most strongly with your business vision. Finally, I’ll craft a choreographed brand presentation that includes your selected logo and variations, font selection, colour palette, and other branding elements.

Act one

Act two

Act Five

Act four

Brand Strategy

As the star of the show, we'll endeavour to define your aspirational and bigger picture vision, capturing your brand personality, values and driving purpose. Your brand story, the unique elements that set your business apart and your dream audience all play a key role in creating a deeply layered brand strategy. Choreographed as an ongoing business resource just for you, that keeps you on vision, empowering your business transformation in becoming a magnet for your dream clients.

Act three


Brand Discovery – Consultation, in-depth Questionnaire & Archetype exploration.

Brand Strategy to lay the foundations – Capturing your mission, vision, values, unique brand personality & dream clients.

Brandmark Design & Creative Expression – Adaptable logo set, graphic style & tone of voice. 

Brand Guide & Final Asset Files to set the stage for your ready-to-launch brand performance.

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Showstopper Brand Package

Starting at $8750 +GST

Signature Experience

An exclusive brand strategy and design package for fired-up entrepreneurs and businesses ready to elevate their brand game with a complete brand identity arsenal. Expect to be equipped with everything you need to outshine and outcompete your former self.

Signage Design

Web Design & Build

Branding Add-ons

Collateral Design


Showit & Wordpress


With this brand package:

YOU'll gain:

+ tools for the long haul

+ renewed sense of purpose

+ confidence in your power!

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+ ease in your marketing

Creating the business of your dreams

Feeling a sense of authentic alignment 

Attracting your dream clients and working with those who light you up 

Embracing what makes you unique & find that sweet spot of ease between your brand promises & your actions 

Feel empowered by a brand identity that can grow with your business  

Walk out into the spotlight with confidence & poise, ready to razzle dazzle them all! 

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

I'm ready!

This      for you if:

You love my style & recent project work

You're not sure of your business vision

You're a savvy biz owner seeking alignment

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO trust the process

Understand this to be a business investment & 2-way relationship

It's probably        for you if...




Rave reviews

real results

Ciaran launched a fresh brand & scaled business

“A great brand is the shoulders you stand on to get above the noise.”

Pass the Salt creates the perfect representation of your business to connect with the customers you want. Elise is instrumental to Pacer Solutions and our brand expression. Through Elise’s creativity and dedication we have a collection of resources that enable us to stand out from the crowd. The best thing we did was to trust, through it we got a masterpiece.

- Ciaran

Pacer Solutions


Elise launched her new biz in Melbourne

“I truly couldn't have asked for more from the entire experience. Elise really is a MASTER!”

Elise listened to my ideas and really got to know me and my business vision. Guiding me through the process, Elise brought everything to life better than I could have imagined. I have so many helpful resources. So grateful for Elise and her care and attention! 

- Elise

Helping Hearts Psychology


I can't tell you what a difference professional branding has made to my confidence, from pulling together my website, to my social media content. I even used it to guide my photo shoot. You're such a professional and such a pleasure to work with. What a gift! 

Shanley emerged with renewed purpose

“Just want to say thank you again for my beautiful branding, you are CRAZZZZY-talented-amazing!”

- Shanley

Style Worthy Coaching


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