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Branding is about presence and authentic expression, with a personality that requires love, attention, care, and development – just like our own. But it’s crowded up there on that main stage. You’re elbow-to-elbow with other brands poignantly performing for the same audience. And it can feel like no matter how hard you jostle, how loud you yell, your audience keeps playing hard to impress.

The solution? Creatively aligned branding and creative tools that cast the spotlight on your biz so you can outshine and outperform the other acts.

Building a successful business is a bit of a dog and pony show.

Every show-stopper starts somewhere

Let's be real.

From the script to the stage

When it comes to strategic branding and web presence, I don't hold back. 

Every Pass the Salt brand is a complete original. My philosophy for why is simple: Own your wild. In other words, embrace what makes you different, your unique story, drivers and purpose.

The more we embrace our untamed and linger in the adventure of being ourselves, the more captivating our brands become. But it's about more than pretty visuals. To achieve this authenticity, the outside – the visuals and voice – must match the inside – the personality, psychology and creative expression. 

Strategic Branding + Websites

Which is where I come in...

real results

If you want work that isn’t just beautiful, but carefully crafted to (seriously) take your brand to the next level, Pass the Salt is a no-brainer. Thank you, Elise, for your professionalism, undeniable talent, and your passion for what you do. YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION.

- Shanley, Art of Wealth Co.


What a unique & exciting experience! Elise's work is extraordinary – inspiring me to really shake things up!”

Elise is truly one of the best boutique branding specialists out there. Her brand assets are so easy to apply to UI/UX.”

Pass the Salt Studio has now helped me with multiple projects, from a startup brand, to a brand refresh for my website business, Wow Ventures. What I love about working with Pass the Salt is a combination of in-depth brand strategy and of course the beautiful visuals that come at the end of the process. 

- James, web & app developer


Elise is AMAZING! She has an incredible process that really seeks to understand her client and their business.”

This resulted in a truly bespoke and beautiful identity that really spoke to my ideal customer. Elise was incredible at explaining concepts that I had no idea about to ensure I really understood the different elements and concepts behind my brand identity. The end product was perfect and made the rest of my business setup, like website and documentation creation so much easier. 

- Devan, Financial Advisor

Curiosity sparked →

Get expert 1:1 guidance for your next business or creative venture. Together, let's shake things up and make moves!


Let's shake it up →

Captivate your dream audience with a showstopping online presence, aligning visual appeal with strategic thinking.


I need this →

Strategic brand discovery, uniquely choreographed visual identities and brand collateral.


How we shake it up

Strategic Branding, Websites & Creative Consulting for Savvy Biz Owners, movers & shakers


It's time to peek behind the curtain, unveil what flavours make your business unique and choreograph a magnetic Brand Identity.  

Let's get you stage ready! 

Not to be missed. All the salty goodness of storyboarding, character development & plot. 

Act One:


Brand Discovery – Archetype exploration, in-depth Questionnaire & Strategy Workshop.

Brand Strategy – laying the foundations – Capturing your mission, vision, values, unique brand personality & dream clients.

Identity Design & Creative Expression – Responsive logo suite, graphic style & tone of voice. 

Brand Guide & Final Asset Files to set the stage for your ready-to-launch brand showstopper!

Signature Package →

SIgnature package From: $8250+GST

Your story in true colour

The creation of your stage production &  dressing your performance for centre stage.


Website Strategy – In-depth Questionnaire & Strategy Workshop.

Custom Website design – laying the foundations – with your homepage design. 

Website Build – Using either Showit or Wordpress + Elementor, depending on your business needs. 

Website Training, 1 week of support + Launch support for your showstopping online presence! 

Let's chat →

From: $2750+GST

This is where we anchor creative vision and strategy to create a memorable first impression with custom Showit and Wordpress website design.

Web Design

Act two:

Right this way →

Website Strategy

Brand Strategy

Brand & Archetype Discovery


Voice & Messaging

Website Review

Could include:

From: $450+GST

Step behind the curtain

A sprinkle of stress-free guidance or let's really shake things up for more clarity & confidence! 

Not sure what you need? Want to work with a seasoned expert mono e mono to help you work through your big picture ideas? 

Strategy & Consulting

Behind the scenes:



Discovery Call

Get in touch via our online inquiry form so we can catch up over a virtual coffee (or whiskey sour perhaps) to chat about your next business adventure! 


Project Proposal

Based on our discovery call, we'll put together a custom proposal for your branding project.  


Let's Begin! 

Select your add-ons & accept your proposal, sign the contract, pay your deposit & you're all booked in! 

If you're ready to:


Elevate your brand presence with strategically aligned mission, vision, personality & purpose.


Embrace the adventure of living your truth, growing, evolving & doing your best work. 


Step confidently into the lime-light with a brand that reflects what's unique to you.


Get (really awesome) results for your business while you’re at it.

this is for you.

I truly couldn't have asked for more from the entire experience. 

- Elise Osborne, Helping Hearts Psychology

Ready to break a leg?

It's your turn to turn heads!

Finish your drink and join me on centre stage, where we'll show you how Pass the Salt Studio can empower your business to perform at its best. Grab a seat – the performance is about to begin. 



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