Elevated branding honouring the Mahana Culture mission

Featured Project:

Mahana Culture is about bringing dignity to all and honouring our cultural cosmos. They exist to educate and enable self-awareness to help participants realise the connections in all walks of life. It is an education provider, awareness promoter and support collective.

Having a vision of becoming the go to for Cultural Responsive practise, leadership and knowledge within Australia, New Zealand, Pacific and the Americas, Mahana had reached a point where they understood that the business needed to enter its next phase. They needed to level up to a more professional identity that aligned with their goals. 

We worked with the client to uncover their unique business personality and purpose. Helping them to shape their unique offering and identity fuelled with aligned authenticity. We used the insights uncovered to choreograph a refreshed visual identity, including adaptable brandmark suite, supporting graphic language and collateral style. Streamlining their presence with a toolkit to be handed over to their internal team. 



“Elise has given us such a gift, in helping us see how we communicate with our audience in a whole new way. Her collaborative approach and encouraging guidance has enabled this. It was a pleasure working with Pass the Salt on this project.”

- Tavale Ilalio

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