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Pass the Salt is a branding studio for savvy business owners ready to own their unique style & boldly step into the lime-light.

Did somebody order a serving of spotlight-swaying, eyeball-capturing, crowd-pleasing brand strategy and design? Pass the Salt Studio is the destination for entrepreneurs ready to sashay off the beaten path and uncover their true brand self, personality and identity. We're all about creatively exploring brands to help business owners to discover and shape their unique identities. 


Pass the Salt empowers its people with uniquely curated brands that are fuelled with visionary alignment, express personality & leave their audience starry-eyed.

We're about more than just following the latest design trends. We choreograph bold solutions through human-centred design; identifying with audiences and inspiring them to embrace their individuality too.

At Pass the Salt Studio, authenticity steals the spotlight.

Through brand strategy, identity design and creative direction, Pass the Salt proves that powerful branding is a journey of connection. It starts with connecting entrepreneurs to their purposeful visions and then igniting the confidence to express their brand's identity to the world. At our core, we exist to be a guide on that journey and ultimately shape showstoppers!


Novel ideas & experiences, brilliant creative peers, surprising fiction, fabulous jackets & all things velvet.

hola, I'm


I'm the cheeky creative at the helm of Pass the Salt Studio, and, like you, I’m a bit of a rule-breaker. Rawr.

I’ve always harboured a deep love of self-expression and exploration. My mission is to guide you on the journey of discovering what makes your brand unique. Then to create brand identities that take you from invisible to irresistible, with the confidence to stand proud on centre stage. One that you can wear with complete pride and know, unwaveringly, that it will grow and venture into the wilderness with you. 

Adores: Novelty & inspiring ideas. Brands with purpose. Fabulous hats & Jackets. dancing & great music! 

Selected scenes

From my own script


Curious explorer peeking behind the curtain


Neuro-spicy Mumma to a gorgeous LITTLE human + sweet doggo named Ruffles


Happiest when discovering new places


I Splurge on courses & have a weak spot for exquisite books & sparkly makeup.

Star Quality

Shaking up the status quo, marching to the beat of our own drums, embracing our unique styles, authentic alignment, infusing meaning, purpose & substance.

Didn't make the cut

'Pretty' over purposeful & strategic, blindly following trends, misaligned or superficial identities, making things 'pop'.

Resonating with you? we're likely a match made for the limelight!

Reflecting on our journey 

Completed a Certificate in Fashion Design at East Sydney TAFE. Sealed in an adoration for styling,  design & theatre. 

Finished Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design & headed out into the world with a giant portfolio case in tow. 




Completed Certificate of Speech Communication in Action (CSCA), then went on a joyous 2 month trip  around Europe, which opened my eyes to the delight of discovery!  

After a mix of freelancing gigs and contracting roles, I officially launched my career in newspaper advertising. This taught me the value of great processes & always striving to improve. 


Got my first big break as Head Creative at Australian Power & Gas, where I realised how much I adore branding for businesses with purpose. 

Our beautiful son was born! With limited time up my sleeves, now was the time to really hone in on my passion – branding for movers & shakers. Serving with strategy, personality & purpose over dishing out pretty & trendy became my raison d'etre!  




Feeling driven to shake things up & do more to empower those I admired, I made the leap to begin my own entrepreneurial journey & founded Pass the Salt Studio! 

Today, I'm gratefully empowering other business owners to discover & shape their unique brand identities in an authentic, aligned way. 


Ready to break a leg?

Strategic Branding for dreamers & doers

Finish your drink and then join me on centre stage where I'll show you how Pass the Salt Studio can empower your business to perform at its best. 



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We love connecting with fabulous showstoppers. Here's to your journey of visionary identity discovery. It's time to shake things up!

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